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General information

An online survey community that offers rewards, i-Say has over 3 million members and is handled by the leading global market research company, called Ipsos. Participating in their surveys enables you to impact the decisions of some of the biggest companies in different sectors.


With each survey, a person gets some i-Say points, with the number varying based on several factors, such as the length of the survey. As soon as the survey is completed, the points will be reflected in your account.


You can begin redeeming your i-Say points once your credit reaches 500! The company offers several types of rewards, such as Visa prepaid cards, gift certificates, PayPal funds, iTunes codes, and Starbucks e-gift cards among others.


You hit the jackpot, eh?

While your e-gift cards will find your mail almost immediately, PayPal funds take about 3 to 4 weeks to be processed, while tangible rewards will get delivered in about 4 to 8 weeks, including Visa pre-paid cards.

You can also avail of super functional merchandise from a GCodes catalogue. Sports gears, makeup, tools and so much more! If you are running short of a few points, no problem at all! You can use some of your PayPal funds to pay for the difference. And the best part is that the funds remain valid until you are an active member of the website. You can expect anywhere between 1 to 8 surveys per month. The website also offers attractive Sweepstakes opportunities to its users.

Curated honest reviews (by Intuitshala members)

One thing that the consumers seemed to love about i-Say is the prompt customer service. Unlike many other such service providers, issues regarding credit balances are resolved as quickly as possible. The company has several loyal customers who have been associated with the brand for over ten years, which stands as a testimony to the merit of their service. However, several customers have reported that claiming or redeeming the rewards sometimes does not result in them attaining the same. While their customer service is quite prompt on the website posts, customers also observed that their mails are typically never responded to. Another common complaint is that customers tend to get screened out after spending a substantial amount of time on a survey and consequently receive only five points. That is because as soon as the quota is filled for the number of desired results, others who are in the middle of a survey get screened out. Customers have unanimously agreed that the polls are very interesting and quite simple to follow. As stated before, the payment is prompt which is greatly appreciated by the customers and they are also delighted that they get a constant stream of surveys on their emails.



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Qualification: You are a resident of the worlds fastest-growing (consumer) nations e.g. India, USA, Australia, UK, etc.


Note: This is not a scheme to ‘get rich’ quickly and easily. This road cannot be an alternative to your regular 9 to 5 job. You can earn about ₹500 to ₹2500 a month, depending on the free time you plan on dedicating to sharing your opinions with global brands.

Signing up with 1 Indian paid surveys panel would help you earn around ₹300 - ₹500 per month. If you want to earn cash/vouchers worth ₹2500+, you will need to sign up with several legitimate market research survey panels.

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The next step is filling up their online questionnaires on several topics by dedicating your complete attention.

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