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How about offering the world’s leading firms that provide goods and services, your opinions?


If this does not excite you yet, maybe the next sentence will. What if you can earn a little cash through PayPal or even get Amazon/Flipkart shopping Vouchers, Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar, and other coupons/rewards by doing just this?

Try Intuitshala's 1-click signup below!

Qualification: You are a resident of the worlds fastest-growing (consumer) nations e.g. India, USA, Australia, UK, etc.


Note: This is not a scheme to ‘get rich’ quickly and easily. This road cannot be an alternative to your regular 9 to 5 job. You can earn about ₹500 to ₹2500 a month, depending on the free time you plan on dedicating to sharing your opinions with global brands.

Signing up with 1 Indian paid surveys panel would help you earn around ₹300 - ₹500 per month. If you want to earn cash/vouchers worth ₹2500+, you will need to sign up with several legitimate market research survey panels.

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The next step is filling up their online questionnaires on several topics by dedicating your complete attention.

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Sign up below with just your email to get invited to legitimate Indian paid survey sites:

The rewards you make can help you pay off some of your recurring bills like mobile, internet, Gas, electricity, DTH, etc. The vouchers are also useful while shopping at Amazon, Flipkart and other offline Retails/restaurants/cafe’s. You can also transfer your earning to the bank via PayPal.


A popular panel you can turn to is Saybucks.

Every completed questionnaire here can fetch you a minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹350 redeemable as cash via PayPal.

Saybucks will forward you market research questionnaires and also invite you to its associated partner panels in a week, enabling you to earn several rewards, coupons and vouchers on several platforms like Paytm, PayPal, Amazon, Café vouchers, Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, etc.

Characteristics of Market Research:

1) Anybody who wants to participate and has adequate opinions, can!

2) It is a time-consuming process.

3) It is important to be honest and careful while filling out the questionnaire, as many of the companies integrate trick questions and quality checks to confirm if you are paying an adequate amount of attention to the process.

Saybucks’ Opinionapp can be found on the app store and play store.


While Market research is the easiest available option to make money, there are other alternatives, which also allow you to make money, some of which can also replace your regular job.

Note: It is not easy to earn money through these methods and are good alternatives only if you can dedicate a substantial amount of time over a long period. It is also important to remember that competition is galore on these platforms. - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free (Ad sense & Affiliate marketing)

Recently, I Googled ‘Tips to make my dog obedient’ and throughout the day, I kept encountering ads for dog foods as I surfed the internet.

Read: How do I become a successful blogger? (The name ‘Fiverr’ derived from ‘Five Dollar Jobs’)

Fiverr is a marketplace that hosts sellers across the globe who offer their services in different areas, with a starting price of merely Rs. 350/-

An easy way to make money through this platform would be to open a service agency from home and outsource your clients’ work on Fiverr.

Read: What should a beginner know to make money on Fiverr?


A YouTuber puts his rabbit to sleep and feeds his rabbit once it wakes up. He films the entire process and uploads the videos YouTube to earn over Rs. 5,00,000+ a month.Source: OneMorePlease (Channel name)


If that seems like too much work, one can make over Rs. 25,00,000+ by just eating crunchy fried chicken on the internet. Don’t believe me? Visit the below YouTube channel.Source: SAS-ASMR (Channel name)


Online/Offline Training/Teaching

Learn a skill (E.g. Yoga, Meditation, etc.) or a language and hold sessions online. Though there are several free online classes for literally everything, several people opt for paid versions to motivate themselves to follow through. You can make over Rs. 50000 every month with just 10 students. You can use Instagram live, Skype or Zoom to conduct classes.


You can monetize your Instagram by increasing the number of followers. One way to do this is by following people who are following your competitors.

Social media manager

This is the fad right now!

Approach small businesses in your area and offer to handle their social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other such platforms. Start with a small fee like Rs. 5000 and you can increase it over Rs. 25000 once you attain more clients and your team grows.

Tip: If you want to give your clients an impression that you are working from your office when on a call with them, use a background track that resembles the typical ambience in an office. Simply YouTube ‘office ambience sound’.

Sell stock photos

If you are good with the camera and have thousands of pictures on your camera roll, it might be time to earn some money from them. Sell your pictures to stock image websites.

This article can guide you with the entire process: 40+ Awesome Websites To Sell Your Photos Online


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