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Opinionworld is a fun online community dedicated to help you influence your world. Tell the world's leading providers of products and services what you think and earn rewards by participating in surveys. 

Earning potential: An average of Rs. 40 to 150; some surveys pay Rs. 350+. This amount greatly depends on your profile. The surveys are available on email/mobile.

Complete surveys and redeem your points for rewards including Flipkart shopping vouchers, and other online/offline shopping vouchers, restaurant gift cards, and more.

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Qualification: You are a resident of the worlds fastest-growing (consumer) nations e.g. India, USA, Australia, UK, etc.


Note: This is not a scheme to ‘get rich’ quickly and easily. This road cannot be an alternative to your regular 9 to 5 job. You can earn about ₹500 to ₹2500 a month, depending on the free time you plan on dedicating to sharing your opinions with global brands.

Signing up with 1 Indian paid surveys panel would help you earn around ₹300 - ₹500 per month. If you want to earn cash/vouchers worth ₹2500+, you will need to sign up with several legitimate market research survey panels.

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The next step is filling up their online questionnaires on several topics by dedicating your complete attention.

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Sign up below with just your email to get invited to legitimate Indian paid survey sites:

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