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On Panel Station, consumers of different goods and services offer their perceptions on several parameters by partaking in online surveys. Participating in such paid online surveys enables them to facilitate the enhancement of such goods and services of brands that are globally recognized.



You can redeem your gifts once you attain 3000 points. The website offers various gift card options for websites such as PayPal, Amazon, Rakuten, Submarino, Jumia, Linio, Flipkart, Lazada, and so many more. Typically, the site will mail you an invitation on a biweekly basis and most surveys won’t take more than 15 minutes. However, in cases where you have to expend more time and energy, the site does not overlook your efforts. Instead, it pays you more points. The points range between 500 and 5000, with certain more complex ones fetching you the latter amount. Note; 500 points equals 50 INR. Everything you do on this website which can be construed as putting in efforts will fetch you points. Got disqualified or screened-out? No issues, they’ve got your back! They will send you 20 points just for trying. Updating and completing your profile and even commenting on discussion threads will credit points into your account. As a registered user, you will be allowed to participate in a monthly prize draw. You could either use your points to enter into one or participate in special surveys for free entries. Mostly, the draws have more than one winner. So, may all the luck be with you, as you stand a chance to win close to 500 points. They also have a mobile app where you can take surveys, ensuring maximum convenience.

Curated honest reviews (by Intuitshala members)

For each paid survey in India, one can earn anywhere from 75 to 150 INR which is a huge plus point. Redemption of points usually takes about 3 to 8 weeks. However, there have been a few issues regarding users losing all their points due to website maintenance work. According to a user, the website did not take any responsibility and blocked them. This is a con of this website as they can deactivate your account without an explanation and you would lose all your points immediately. However, several users have expressed extreme satisfaction with the site. A low frequency of surveys disseminated has been noted as the primary con. A customer has reported that since the past three months they haven’t encountered any survey that has not expired. Customers also pointed out that without completing the entire profile, they could not redeem their rewards. There have been users who have won over 10,000 rupees in only two years, so they are elated to say the least.



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Qualification: You are a resident of the worlds fastest-growing (consumer) nations e.g. India, USA, Australia, UK, etc.


Note: This is not a scheme to ‘get rich’ quickly and easily. This road cannot be an alternative to your regular 9 to 5 job. You can earn about ₹500 to ₹2500 a month, depending on the free time you plan on dedicating to sharing your opinions with global brands.

Signing up with 1 Indian paid surveys panel would help you earn around ₹300 - ₹500 per month. If you want to earn cash/vouchers worth ₹2500+, you will need to sign up with several legitimate market research survey panels.

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The next step is filling up their online questionnaires on several topics by dedicating your complete attention.

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